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Welcome. It’s appreciable that you want to get into laptop repairing and servicing industry. And we congratulate you for landing into the right page while considering getting yourself trained. We are having two modules for laptop repairing training in Kolkata. We offer job after successful completion of the training.

  1. Card Level
  2. Chip Level

Here is a brief lining of the course of what you are going to learn at Stallion Microsystem

laptop repairing training at Stallion

Overview of Laptop Repairing

Disassembling & Assembling laptops
Laptop repair tools
LCD replacing method
NO display problem

Basic Electronics

Explain How to find faulty smd parts

Understanding laptop motherboard

Broken hinges reworking & replacing method

Diagnosing Keyboard Touchpad & USB

Circuit Theory

Troubleshooting common problems

Diagnosing Power Problems

Diagnosing Overheating

BGA rework station.

We believe in transferring the knowledge that we have gained through providing excellent laptop repairing services in Kolkata. Our laptop repairing course is designed in such a way that you will be greatly benefited with the knowledge and hands on experience. As we have already emphasized that upon successful completion of the repairing course you will be offered your desired JOB.  If you are interested, contact us now.