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Stallion: Redefining Laptop Repairing in Kolkata

Hi there. We are Stallion Microsystem recognized to be the best laptop service center in kolkata. This is the first post in our company blog. We will be updating our blog with useful laptop repairing tips and tricks so that you yourself can fix some of your problems at home without even having to visit us. Here at stallion we strive to provide excellent laptop repairing services in kolkata which you simply can not get anywhere nearby. We boast of our experienced technical team who fix laptops as if it is their second nature. And we are proud of our sophisticated detection and repairing tools.


Our quick delivery system will amaze you because we have extraordinary inventory of laptop/notebook spare parts available with us and we love to work in front our esteemed customers. We try to provide quick service because laptop is an important tool in our life just like mobile. Rarely we suggest our customers to leave their laptop with us where it really takes time to fix the problem.

Money is hard earned we know. If the same problem resurfaces within the warranty period, your laptop will be repaired without any more charge for sure. And in case the problem somehow becomes non repairable you are entitled to get  full refund in cash. And yes, it’s no question asked.

You would love our customer care and support before and after your visit at stallion. Regardless of brand, model or problem however critical may be, we are confident enough that your problem will be solved.

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