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Sony Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata

SONY Laptops are one of the most trusted brands in India and abroad. High performance and highest level of security is an integrated part of SONY Laptop as you might be knowing. Servicing  & Repairing of Sony laptops takes a customized approach because of its sensitive hardware and methodology. We (Stallion Laptop Service)  have developed a skilled hand in repairing and servicing any model of Sony laptops through years of dealing with numerous Sony laptops.
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If you are looking for a trusted and experienced Sony laptop service center in Kolkata, You have got your answer. We implement an unique approach to diagnose your Sony laptop problem totally free of charges in front of you. The total repairing cost is conveyed to you immediately for your approval and on your consent your laptop is repaired on the spot.

As always, we do offer 100% money back guarantee in case the same problem resurfaces within a specified period.

There are so many authorized Sony laptop repair centers in Kolkata. If it’s within warranty, it’s a no brainer that you would want to visit an authorized center but otherwise  if you want a cost effective solution without compromising on quality, visit us today at our KOLKATA Office.

Baghajatin More, C/8 Baghajatin. Kolkata 700092

As Sony being a delegate laptop brand there are certain precautions to be taken while repair.
We offer genuine spare parts with 6 to 12 months manufacturer replacement warranty. And the prices for that offered are worth it.
Visit STALLION once, and feel the difference in quality of repair, timeliness, repairing costs and after warranty.