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HCL Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Having troubles with your HCL Laptop? Come visit Stallion today to understand what has happened to your Laptop and get it repaired instantly. Till date we have handled with countless HCL laptops of different model and successfully repaired every single one of them without having to the same problem resurfacing again.

As always there is a 100% money back guarantee to safeguard your hard earned money.
hcl laptop servicing

Genuine parts, faster on spot repairing, repairing the laptop addressing its root cause are what make us unique and #1 HCL laptop repairing center in kolkata. If your laptop is somehow devoid of warranty and you are looking for a cost effective quality servicing solution, visit stallion. We are located at Baghajatin Bus stop, kolkata.

Here are the HCL Laptop Models that are repaired here at Stallion

  • Me p 28 pdc
  • Me 38 pdc
  • Me L 74
  • Me 3863
  • N 3862
  • Me u3934
  • Me z3935
  • Mek 4303
  • Me g 3843
  • Me p 3860
  • Me k 4108
  • Me b 3853
  • Me b 3863
  • Me b 3861
  • Me g 3843
  • Me 3845
  • Me k 4307
  • Me p 3898
  • Me p 3857
  • Me p 3897
  • Me k 4401
  • Me n 4503
  • Me n 3871
  • Me b 4502
  • Me n3872
  • Me x2202
  • Notebook p 21
  • Leaptop u 9912

With STALLION there is no problem at all. We specialize in a variety of work. Among which laptop repair is one important work that we undertake. All works related to HCL laptop and screens or any other part of the computer are solved quickly and easily by us in Kolkata laptop service center. We have a wide range of service to choose from. All works are done at low cost and comes with a warranty. Time saving and transparent procedure of repair makes us popular. We have well experienced engineers who works for HCL  for as long as  past 7 years.

Visit STALLION once, and feel the difference in quality of repair, timeliness, repairing costs and after warranty.