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Laptop Keyboard Typing Random Letters : Remedy

This is pretty weird laptop  problem that you could be encountering. Chances are, your laptop keyboard has been moistened somehow. That moisture is creating all sorts of weird problems. When you type P it might keep typing the letter T or may be you can not type a particular letter using your keyboard. Any random typing could be happening.  It’s enough reason to shut your laptop down. Generally in the rainy season this kind of problem is observed in Laptop keyboard. Now the question is how to get the moisture out from in there?


It’s pretty difficult to get the moisture out from that finer space using any instruments. Only thing which can be done is, sunning the laptop while covering the screen with a towel. Or you may put your laptop in front of a high speed fan so that the moisture gets dried out somehow. One thing to remember in this regard is, don’t leave your laptop while sunning because if it’s partly rainy season your laptop could be destroyed. So do the drying in your presence or at least somebody should be there.

If after sunning and fanning the problem still persists, replacement of the keypad will be the only solution. Generally laptop keypads are costly than external keyboards. There is a different option to use a external keyboard using USB port and disconnect the default laptop keypad. It’s a low cost solution and you and you can get rid of the problems. Hope this Do- it-Yourself approach to repair your laptop helps.

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