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Laptop screen replacement 101

To assist our customers in the laptop screen replacement process, we’ve put together the information necessary to make an informed decision and to understand the terminology of laptop screens. Laptop Screen Components: The laptop screen is made up of three major components: The Display – This is the screen itself. The Back-light – This is […]

Ultimate Guide to Clean & Protect Laptop Screens

In this post we are going to share exclusive information on laptop screen, the common problem associated with it and do-it-yourself remedies. Without anymore fluff in the introduction, let’s jump right in to the meat of the discussion. Common Problems of Laptop Screens 1. Screen flickering : twist the lid of the laptop if the […]

How To Find the Best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata?

When it comes to finding the best laptop service centers in Kolkata area, you have got to be aware of how you can get the best value of your money spent on the laptop  repair. While almost everyone claims to be the best in the town, customers need to be in control to find the […]

Laptop Keyboard Typing Random Letters : Remedy

This is pretty weird laptop  problem that you could be encountering. Chances are, your laptop keyboard has been moistened somehow. That moisture is creating all sorts of weird problems. When you type P it might keep typing the letter T or may be you can not type a particular letter using your keyboard. Any random […]

Laptop Not Turning On After Pressing Power Button – Solution

WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY LAPTOP IS NOT TURNING ON AFTER PRESSING THE POWER BUTTON? First check whether the power is connected. If your laptop is connected with power adapter, but still not getting on after pressing the power button, then follow the steps. 1) Remove battery, 2) unplug power, 3) hold power button […]